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July 26, 2009

We are planning the second attack. It will be of the same nature of the first attack, but this time it will be sucesful.

July 22, 2009 - Diogo will be attacked tommorow, it is being planned now.



status : failed, but attempted.

1.)Diogo walks into the backyard.
2.) Gets greeted by Louie.
3.) Darren shoots Diogo for the first time.
A.) If Diogo tries to run Jacob runs in from the bushes and holds Diogo at Pellet point
4.) Kick him a few times.
5.) Get him on the ground.
6.) Empty our clips into him.

what happened?

in-depth story

Diogo arrives at the house. Louie greets him
and yells out the code word "hey blackman"
Jacob comes from behind a tree and shoots Diogo
twice before his gun jams, and continues to shoot
at Diogo, and accidentally hits Louie twice
Darren is still hiding behind cover behind a table
on the deck, and never fires a shot at Diogo during
the attack. Louie emptys his clip on Diogo, reloads
and shoots Diogo a few more times.