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Black men of Gloucester 2009 Site

History of the Black Men of Gloucester

In the Summer of 2009 during soccer camp the Black men of Gloucester were formed by Louie and Jacob, their main goal was to attack people they didn't like.
The first attack was the attack that formed TBMOG, after a soccer practice Louie retrieved his airsoft gun from the car and shot Diogo 2 - 3 times with it. This was between July 17 - July 20.
After that we recruited Darren and began to build our arsenal. On July 21, we officially formed as the Black Men of Gloucester. On July 22 we made our plan to have our second attack on Diogo. Which was executed and failed to comply with the plan, this was on July 23, 2009.
In the following days we changed our target twice. Then we finally selected our target on July 28, 2009. We relaxed for a few days and decided our second attack would take place in August, and we began getting even more airsoft guns.
By August 4, we had a bunch of airsoft guns, enough enough for our group of now 4. On the night of August 5, Darren, Louie and Jacob all slept at Darren's as a night of preparation for the coming attack against George. To keep ourselves occupied we usually did small attacks from inside Louie's room by shooting at random pedestrians. On the morning of August 6 Darren Louie and Jacob walked back to Louie's house and called Diogo over for a meeting. After they had talked about other weapons to order Jacob, Louie and Diogo began shooting at pedestrians outside of Louie's window. All misses, except for Diogo who managed to hit someone nearly 250-350 feet away. He then proceeded to call the police. While it is regularly known the end of TBMOG to have been on September 3, it really ended on August 6. After the police encounter all TBMOG activities ceased and all planned attacks were cancelled.
A group called Al-Jabib was formed in the Spring of 2009 by Jacob and Louie, and was revived in 2011, but not as an airsoft assault group, but as a group of kids who shared a similar interest in longboarding. This group would not survive long. The second incarnate of TBMOG is still around as of 2011. Nothing notable happened with that group. As of 12/2/11 there are only 2 semi active members.

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